What material is the composite sbr diving material? How to choose- Jianbo's 15+years of composite experience tells you.

90% of the use of neoprene fabric actually requires fitting with other fabrics, rarely used naked. Since it is a combination product, it inevitably depends on the fabric selection of the fabric. So how to choose the appropriate fabric? Firstly, customize the same fabric according to the customer's requirements and complete the customer's order. If the customer does not have strict requirements or if they ask our company to recommend products, it is important to note that the general types of diving materials used are: luggage, shoe materials, electronic home mats, sports protective equipment, medical equipment, and so on.

What kind of fabric and diving material are used to composite different product types?

1. Firstly, in the luggage category, T-cloth is mostly used to fit diving materials, followed by Jiaji cloth, milk silk, lycra, etc
2. The majority of shoe materials use nylon Lycra reverse stickers, followed by Jiaji cloth and Lycra reverse stickers
3. Home mats are mostly made of Jiaji fabric composite diving material, followed by T fabric
4. Sports protective equipment, N cloth and imitation N cloth are the most common, followed by imitation OK cloth, OK cloth, and T cloth
5. Medical protective equipment is mostly made of OK cloth, followed by velvet, nylon, adhesive cloth, imitation N cloth, milk silk, and lycra. The medical industry should pay special attention to material biocompatibility. Currently, fabrics in the diving material industry can achieve this, but SBR is not yet sufficient. This should be particularly noted, and in addition, PUR must be used for bonding.

The customer base is different, and the adhesive diving materials used are also different. These are just some general references, not all of them are the same. Therefore, the above did not mention your product type, or those who are unsure can consult us. We will recommend and send you free samples for your reference based on your relevant needs!

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