What commonly used items in our daily lives are made of neoprene fabric?

I understand that so many products are made of diving materials, come and watch!

1.Sports protectors: Zhejiang Jianbo produces various sports protectors, such as knee protectors, wrist protectors, ankle protectors, shoulder protectors, elbow protectors, leg protectors, waist protectors, hand protectors, patella protectors, head protectors, combination sports protectors, and other necessary protectors, which play a role in protecting the body during sports and activities, and can better adapt to sports needs.

2.Body shaping products: Body shaping shorts, tops, vests, and belts made using the principle of sauna are popular worldwide, with functions such as fitness, weight loss, waist tightening, and fat burning. They are really good news for exercise, weight loss, and weight loss; Zhejiang Jianbo's body shaping products are all made of highly elastic and shock-absorbing diving fabric, with a soft and delicate feel, lightweight and easy to carry, and a variety of styles.

3.Insulating cup covers/bottle covers: With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing emphasis on aesthetic appreciation, the originally inconspicuous insulated cup covers have attracted more and more attention from enterprises and individuals. Once they are introduced to the market, they have been highly sought after and become the most popular promotional product on the market; The insulation cup cover, also known as the outer jacket of the insulation cup, is made of a new material called diving material, also known as chloroprene rubber. Its main characteristics are insulation and anti scalding, wear resistance, softness, even foaming, no bubbles, smooth surface, and diverse colors. Zhejiang Jianbo can also add different logo signs and printed patterns according to the needs of enterprises and individuals, allowing you to feel a trace of warmth in the cold winter.

4.Water sports: Zhejiang Jianbo has various professional equipment that can produce various diving suits, surfing suits, bikinis, swimming gloves, diving shoes, flipper covers, life jackets, children's water sleeves, drifting life jackets, buoyancy vests, fishing suits, water volleyball, twisted frisbees and other series suitable for water sports. Zhejiang Jianbo has an excellent design team that can customize them for you.

5. Various types of bag sets: The diving material fabric has good waterproof and elastic properties, and is brightly colored. Various lunch bags, handbags, computer bags, children's backpacks, glasses boxes, CD bags, key bags, phone cases, wallets, golf club cases, fishing line wheel bags made of diving materials have a good market. Zhejiang Jianbo can customize various diving material bag sets according to your requirements.

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