Jianbo philosophy: Reputation and word-of-mouth are far more important than performance

Zhejiang Jianbo New Materials Co., Ltd. organizes and develops design examples of various industries using diving materials such as SBR, CR, Neoprene, etc., providing customers with the most comprehensive product solutions. It is a comprehensive diving material customization limited company in Zhejiang that integrates development, production, and sales, and can be referred to as a one-stop procurement base. Jianbo New Materials Company has strong technological development capabilities and excellent testing and testing equipment. The company continuously strengthens the control of raw material quality and process to ensure the stability of product quality. Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the production of over 20 series and hundreds of types of diving materials, which have been sold throughout the country and have received unanimous praise from users. For Jianbo, reputation and reputation are far more important than performance.

Jianbo New Materials has become a professional personalized customization service provider in the diving material SBR industry. The road to success is not crowded because there are not many people who persist. For Jianbo New Materials, we focus more on the depth of diving materials in this sub field. At a weak water level of 3000, I only take one ladle. Jianbo will focus on, specialize, and persist in the SBR processing of diving materials.

[Mission]: To achieve employee ideals and enhance customer value

[Vision]: To become a leading functional fabric company in China

[Understanding]: Different diving materials have different characteristics and different performances in different industry applications. This is due to a full understanding of material properties and characteristic applications. Jianbo produces diving material products that meet the different needs of different industries and customers.

[Design]: There is no better, only more suitable, which is Jianbo's consistent design philosophy. Jianbo diving materials are tailored to different industries, and the composite embossing and punching processing methods for diving materials are different, making their overall performance more suitable for product use.

Zhejiang Jianbo New Materials Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production and sales of diving materials for over 14 years, with a production base of 6000 square meters. 2 hours for quick quotation, 3 days for sampling, 5-7 days for mass production. Equipped with fully automatic high-precision splitting equipment, customized thickness of 1-40mm, and processing capabilities such as punching, embossing, lamination, and finished product customization. More than 100 fabric colors and punching hole types can be selected, and three processes of punching, embossing, and lamination can be combined for processing. Jianbo has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. We gather a dedicated management and production team in China, using high-quality raw materials and mature production equipment, integrating increasingly mature production technology experience, and quality control to provide our customers with high-quality diving material products.
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