How much do you know about neoprene fabrics?

Diving cloth, also known as diving material, is a type of synthetic rubber foam with a delicate, soft, and elastic feel. It has the characteristics of shock resistance, insulation, elasticity, impermeability, and non breathability. Widely used in the manufacturing of diving materials, people have given it a simple and understandable name: Neoprene 
Characteristics and Scope of Application: Good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, self extinguishing ability, good oil resistance, second only to nitrile rubber, excellent tensile strength, elongation, and elasticity, but poor electrical insulation and storage stability, with a usage temperature of -35~130 ℃. 1. Protect the product from wear and tear;
Lightweight and comfortable, can also be carried and used separately;
Long term use without deformation; 4. Waterproof and non breathable, can be cleaned repeatedly.
The most common diving suit fabrics are nylon fabric and Lycra fabric. The central lining is made of foam rubber, so as long as the thickness is the same, the insulation effect of the diving suit made of both fabrics is the same.
1. The difference between the two fabrics: on their surface, one is nylon fabric and the other is Lycra fabric. Lycra has a higher number of threads per unit area and denser knitting, making it more wear-resistant. In addition, Lycra has better elasticity, so diving suits made of Lycra are less likely to deform.
2. The lifespan of two fabrics: Lycra diving suits have a longer lifespan than nylon diving suits.
3. The prices of two types of fabrics: nylon fabric has a place in the market mainly because of its relatively low price. Relatively speaking, the price of Lycra fabric is relatively high.
4. Non functional choice: Due to the wide variety of colors available for Lycra fabrics on the market, if you want your diving suit to shine brightly in water, then Lycra fabric will be a better choice.
Diving fabric can not only provide insulation, but also protect you from scratches, punctures, and abrasions from coral reefs and other debris.
Moreover, diving fabrics have already been used by many designers in fashion, and with their excellent plasticity and comfortable touch, they have gradually become the trend of the new season. From the runway to the streets, from celebrities to mix and match experts, the appearance rate of diving suit fabrics and clothing has skyrocketed. Due to the special nature of the material, diving fabric clothes look very textured and will not naturally form a silhouette due to human body problems. A large silhouette coat, printed pullover hoodie, fishtail skirt, deconstructed half skirt, and a straight waist dress are key to a smooth and simple appearance. The sculptural sense of three-dimensional bone creates a technological style.
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